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My friend, Paul, wrote a blog post recently of how he wastes spends his time playing games on his iPad.

It got me thinking… Growing up, I loved our family game nights: Sorry, Pit, Uno and, of course, Nertz. We played Nertz pretty fast at our house, but Nertz at Michelle’s was a serious, frenzied, “take no prisoners” affair.

Then came Scrabble, Risk, Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary. And eventually computer games like the classic Kings Quest.

Loved them all…

But living alone my game life became a sad round of Solitaire… …do you hear the violins playing?

Until the invention of the iPhone, that is.

Imagine my joy and delight when Ashley introduced me to Words With Friendsicon! I could now beat all my friends at online Scrabble from the comfort of my own home! LOL (Actually, I’ve got some very word-nerdy friends & family that give me a run for my money).

Of course I still have solo games that I enjoy (until they drive me crazy) like Angry Birds, Boggle, Tetris, Hangman and the ridiculously addictive Pocket Frogsicon. I love frogs in real life, and breeding these these animated amphibians has entertained me greatly!

But game playing really is more fun with friends. In Bali with Brandon & family, and when Ashley/Kennedy came to visit, we played Spot-It. An ingenious little game that is fun for all ages. No mother’s purse should be without it.

While on her recent trip here, Ashley introduced me to Draw Somethingicon. O.M.G. My life is complete.

It’s basically a game of Pictionary. Points are awarded, but they don’t really mean anything – the fun is in the drawing and the guessing. Though you can use those points to buy more colors of paint to make your drawings more interesting. I’m afraid I get a bit carried away sometimes.

Here is a picture I drew for J’Neil last week. Six letters… can you guess what it is? __ __ __ __ __ __

So then there’s gaming where the potential prize at the end isn’t a new colored pretend frog, or glares from the losers. My nephew Alex won several hundred dollars playing Bingo on our Caribbean cruise 6 years ago, and won multiple times. Apparently, Bingo is not just for old ladies anymore! If you’re not sailing away on a cruise anytime soon, you could play some online bingo with the Brits.

I’ve been to the local Indian casinos a couple of times, but tend to quarantine myself in the nickle poker slots while my companions play cards. I did spend some time at a craps table in Vegas a few years ago, but only because Craig and Kristin were there telling me what to do. I still don’t “get” craps.

Lately my “gaming” for dollars has been limited to buying an occasional Powerball or MegaMillions ticket at the grocery store. Not much “game” involved, however, especially if you’re lazy like me and don’t pick your own numbers. I did win $150 once, right before Christmas. That was quite exciting. But winning even $1 is a rare thing. Perhaps it’s time for more Bingo. Just don’t play against Alex!

Any guesses on the picture I drew? Any favorite old or new games to recommend? What games have you been playing – loving, hating, winning or losing?

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Kristin on April 28th, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Wizard? Malfoy? Bad guy? Blonde? Pointy?

I love your pictures in draw something. They keep me thoroughly amused.

Brandon on April 29th, 2012 at 5:50 am

I loved playing games as a kid, too, mostly on the computer. But since my 20’s, I haven’t really done much gaming. I’m trying to unleash the child within, though, and find more fun games to play because I kind of miss that part of my childhood. Some iPhone games I’ve enjoyed are Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Ninjump.

For the computer, I’ve recently enjoyed the strategy game “Age of Empires” (even though it’s pretty old now). And Emily and Marie have become heavily addicted to, which is kind of like a digital version of legos, but with infinite pieces (or you can play “survival mode” where you have to mine your own resources, build shelters, and battle pixellated monsters at night time. And you can do it multi-player). I found myself caught up in it for several hours myself, one day. We also bought a drawing app on the iPad the other day called Procreate that’s been really fun to play with and you can make some pretty amazing art with it, and can zoom in to add tiny details with a fat finger.

By the way, the iPad is great for family board games. Before we left the states, we enjoyed a game called “Blokus.” We recently found the same game available for the iPad. There are many other board games you can get as well. A world of fun awaits!

Alexander the great on April 29th, 2012 at 1:49 pm

Ahhh, BINGO was fun. I couldn’t legally collect the winnings…. But I still won the money.

craigthegrey on April 29th, 2012 at 6:02 pm

You’re drawings are very good, particularly compared to mine, and even though I know exactly what it is you drew I have no idea what the word may be….

I recently joined up with Kiwanis and one of my first service projects has been to help out at the local Bingo night. It’s much more interesting than I thought it would be – and there are very explicit ways we have to verify and pay on Bingo’s. Also, I’m always surprised at the number of different Bingo games that make up the evenings gaming.

Jennifer Pearce on April 30th, 2012 at 3:50 am

I like the drawing, and I wonder if the word is family? Probably not. I think I know who the characters in the picture are though. 🙂 We really like that game Spot It and have used it on many occasions, especially since it does fit in my purse. Emily and Marie even used it at a picnic in the park with new friends today! Thank you so much for sending it to us. 🙂

Ashley Rae on April 30th, 2012 at 8:04 am

Well, it’s MALFOY, of course! (right…?)
That game was SO much fun. Unfortunately, it became far too time-consuming, so I deleted it from my iPhone altogether. (Sorry.) Yes, I loved playing all of those games growing up. I think games are a fabulous way to pass time with family and friends 🙂

Don’t worry. I don’t “get” craps, either.

Michelle on April 30th, 2012 at 2:03 pm

LOLOLOL I love playing the draw something game with you! I sit and laugh to myself while I picture you laughing at my horrible drawings…your drawings are so good. Those Nertz games were physical! I was lucky to leave with all my limbs in tact. I still like Words With Friends but I’m ready for something new.

Allison on April 30th, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Yes, Ashley, the answer is MALFOY. (Which Kristin would have gotten as well had she seen the letter choices).

@Ashley – put that game BACK on your phone! But this time don’t hook it up to facebook and just play with your mother 🙂

@Michelle – I laugh myself silly at my own stupid drawing. I admit it is easier to draw on an ipad…

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