Posted on Apr 9th, 2008 by Allison (Whatever)

Jon Stewart gives great hugs.  That’s what I found  out in my Monday night dream.  Frankly, I don’t know what he was doing at my deceased grandmother’s house on 7th east, along with an assortment of other people I apparently knew.  But as I bid them all farewell, he gave me the most amazingly warm, memorable hug.   And he looked great in his grey suit.

Last night’s dreams were not nearly so rewarding.

In one segment, I was fending off rather large sharks with a knife and a stick in a rope-infested bay (yes, large ropes were floating around the surface of this water, making it a challenge to swim).  I have no idea what prompted me to leave the safety of the rowboat I had been in. 

The last couple of nights my dreams have been a bit like short story collections – one segment completely unrelated to the next.    There was quite a bit of hiking over straw and snow covered hills.  Ashley (looking about age 10 – she often shows up in my dreams as a baby or young child) happily slid down one of them, out of site.   I took a cd of music in to my massage therapist in hopes they would exchange it out for the weird music they’ve been playing lately.   Some guy was trying to talk me into taking his $800 self-help seminar (I said no.)

However, my dreams are usually more like full-length feature films – very vivid, very realistic, often very entertaining.  Much more so that my waking life.     Sometimes I literally wake myself up laughing at the silliness – other times it seems like they were an important message I need to figure out. 

A dream HugOccasionally (not nearly often enough) I get to enjoy a nice, steamy dream…    most recently with David Peckham (a guy from my neighborhood when I was growing up.)   Completely random.  No idea what prompted that, since I never even had a crush on Dave in my teen years and haven’t seen or heard from him since high school.   But it was a memorable dream : )

Shemar has yet to make an appearance, however. 

What memorable dreams have you had of late?  Do you think they have any meaning?   Any ideas what MY dreams meant?

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michelle on April 10th, 2008 at 6:31 am

lol to all your weirdness. I had a dream about Mark Boud (a young man I barely dated but really liked, his father told my father we would get married) I have also had dreams about Dave Peckham, who unlike Alli, I did date and did have a crush on…he was very quiet but an excellent kisser (real life not dream)…and very CUTE! Recently I had a dream about Tim’s ex-wife, she told me that she and Tim were getting married and that I needed to leave. I have no idea what prompted this insecure dream.

Ashley Rae on April 10th, 2008 at 1:33 pm

You have always had very strange and vivid dreams. I like that you can fight off sharks with a knife and a stick. You’re amazing.

Occasionally I have dreams that are really off the wall- I just have to laugh when I wake up. Recently I’ve had a few dreams about work (yuck), camping, old friends from 10-15 years ago… just very random things.

And I don’t have nearly enough steamy dreams, either. 🙂

Allison on April 10th, 2008 at 1:47 pm

I HATE when I dream about work – particularly accounting. Twice in my life, I have set up companies new accounting systems from scratch – setting up the chart of accounts, etc. Big projects. For weeks, I spent all night trying to figure out which account everything (and person) that showed up in my dream went into.

Was it inventory, 10020? Or cost of goods, 50010? Or was it an office expense, account #80035? It was mentally exhausting and I woke up feeling like I’d been at work all night!

My mother has even weirder dreams. Her conveyor belt to Russia is a family favorite.

Kathleen on April 10th, 2008 at 3:33 pm

I wish I could hep you out Alli. I am probably the only young mother who had a dream about sleeping with GILLIGAN! maybe I should refer to it as a nightmare. I would love to hear a bout your mother’s dream ab out Russia.

Allison on April 10th, 2008 at 3:57 pm

I can understand, upon waking, that you were alarmed that your steamy dream waswith Gilligan (that’s so funny… and sad)… but did you enjoy it DURING the dream?

I’ve had a few dreams over the years (of a steamy nature) about people that I am not REMOTELY attracted to in real life – but while in the dream, seemed to be enjoying myself. It is always a bit disconcerting upon waking….

I hope my mom will come and post her conveyor belt to Russia dream. Pretty amusing.

Robert on April 12th, 2008 at 9:03 pm

I usually don’t dream, but had two recently that I was able to remember. In one, Javier took little Javier to Hayden Lake to meet my mother (who is not living)… and in the dream she bent down and spoke to little Javier in the 3rd person as she always did with children, and said, “Jean really likes little boys.” and that was it..

The next one was only last week. In this dream, Javier and I went to Idaho, and we attended an outdoor church service that my brother Russell invited us to. It was a Baptist service, which is strange because Russell is 100% Mormon. The benches were set outside alongside Hayden Lake (the lake itself not the city of the same name). And the mountains on the other side of the lake were capped with snow. Everything was so green. Russ and I were sitting listening to the sermon. But Javier was standing next to the lake – supposedly listening. But he suddently took out a fishing pole and began to cast it into the lake. He then reeled in a 5 pound bass, and everyond jumped up from the benches and ran over to see the fish, leaving the pastor standing there looking disheveled. Then I woke up. I have absolutely no idea what any of it means, but Jav had a good laugh at it..

Chris on April 16th, 2008 at 9:01 am

I have some of the weirder dreams known to man. I think I must have been a smoker in a former life because I have had the most vivid dreams where I am smoking (one where I am smoking a huge cigar with my Mom??!!What the??!!)and they are almost orgasmic they are so real. I’ve had dreams where I am having sex with just about everyone and people I don’t even know, Freud would have an absolute heyday with those dreams. I think most dreams are my mind dumping out the trash, but some are very symbolic.
While Mike and I were dating I had a very interesting dream where I showed up at church very obviously pregnant and I was trying to hide it from all the ladies in Relief Society and my long coat I was wearing just could never quite cover my belly, even when I hunched over. Symbolic, much????
I also remember a strange dream I had when I was much younger and me and a group of kids my age were running away from a monster of some sort through that SLC neighborhood and we all ended up in my next door neighbors’ (the Crosslands) basement hiding and afraid, and we all agreed this was a nightmare and we should hold hands and decide to wake up to get out of it, so we did and then I woke up. ??????

I really have no idea what to make of most dreams, I think they are a combination of our mind and subconscious going haywire (sometimes).

Irene on April 16th, 2008 at 9:34 am

what intersting dreams you have. I wish I could remember my dream about going to Russia and the conveyer belt I was on with my luggage, but alsa, My memory of it has faded to much. You, Allison can probably remember it better that I.
Lately my dreams have been more like nightmares ! Bart coming to my rescue just in time as he shakes me to wake me from some terribe thing about to happen.
I loved reading about everyone’s dreams.

Jean on April 16th, 2008 at 1:42 pm

Oh My… I wonder sometimes if my dreams mean anything, or if I ate something strange or if it is a mismash of TV, conversations, ect. ect.

Recently I took Amorettes 5 children ages 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 to the county fair out in Logandale. Well there were so many people it was quite a feat to just keep track of everyting. I slept that night at Bens with AMorette’s 5 and Bens 4 all piled around and on top of me…kind of like a dogpile. Anyway I dreamed that I had taken all 9 of them to a resort, kind of a combination of Dizneyland and wet and wild. The kids were running everywhere. When the resort closed at night they let sharks in the water rides to make sure all the kids stayed out of the water. In my dream Ellie 3 and Mae 4 kept leaning over to pet the sharks and then they would fall in. I would scream for help and jump in to save them. I would just get one out and then the next one would fall in again.

I did this all night long waking up exhausted from all the lifesaving. When I went up stairs to have breakfast I told Lisa about my dream.. She laughed and said that was no dream Mom, that was yesterday…


Years ago I had a dream that my best friend Pat had been murdered. I found her and was crying. Just then Doug and her husband Nolan pulled into the drive way at the office. She opened her eyes and said “Jean put me in the closet, Nolan doesn’t know I’m dead yet” So I hid her in the closet and tried to keep anyone from opening the closet door.
It was hysterical, wish I could have remembered it all in the morning it would have made a great short story.

Kristin on April 21st, 2008 at 11:59 am

Jean, I love your Pat dream.

Allison asked me to contribute to this topic. She may be sorry. I could write volumes here. Truly. I’ll try to keep it down to a few pages.

I usually have wild, vivid dreams like Allison – ones that I can recall in detail, often all day, and some that I can still clearly see in my mind years afterward. As a kid, most nightmares involved someone chasing me and me trying to get the back sliding door closed and locked before they force their way it. The person running around my grandmother’s front yard with no head was a weird one, though not particularly frightening. (I couldn’t have been older than six at the time) –It was not nearly as bizarre, however, as the one wherein Ted Bundy was rolling up and down Rodeo Lane in the middle of the night in an armored tank.

So often something will happen in daily life and I’ll say, “Oh! I dreamed about that…” and proceed to recount the details, its now to the point Craig just says, “yes, that’s because you dream about EVERYTHING”.

My dreams ALWAYS have background music. Last night the songs were “Hey Jude”, “All we need is love” and Peter Frampton’s “Baby I love your way”. I must say my weirdest background music was the complete version of “The Bare Necessities” from Jungle Book. I didn’t even know I knew all the words to that song, but I certainly knew them when I woke up.

I used to dream about being naked, and it was very disturbing. Now if I dream I’m naked, it’s not that big of a deal, I just find something to put around me.

I do dream about work sometimes and I never get any good rest when that happens. I try to solve problems all night and it’s exhausting. For a while, I’d have dreams where I would type the words out – of whatever was going on – on a typewriter in my mind, as if I were writing a story. THAT was annoying. And then there was the time when I was working as a proof reader / editor and woke up all upset because the beginning of the document started out with “However…..” and that was all wrong.

I dream I can fly – but actually it’s a HUGE leap that I have incredible hang time on. I can jump over hills and small mountains. I get the sensation of falling, but in very slow motion, so it’s weird, but not generally scary. I can leap from the ground and soar like a hang glider. Its always very cool. Sometimes I starting coming down a bit fast and I just have to be careful that my landing back down on my feet isn’t too hard. That would be bad.

I have lots of toilet dreams. In fact, there is a huge maze of bathrooms at the mormon church on 6400 South. It starts in the real bathroom near the back door, but then continues — like through the door to the baptistry, and it’s all very dark and dirty and many of the toilets are clogged or are missing doors… It is always a challenge to find my way out to a clean bathroom. This church bathroom maze has appeared in a number of dreams over the past several (15?) years.

I have lots of places (which don’t really exist) that are the setting for several different dreams. Allison, did you know there is a boardwalk from Lihue to Princeville, sheltered on all sides by cool fabric, with gypsy-like little shops and stalls along the way? I’ve taken that boardwalk many times. But the hot dog & pretzel stand up by Kilauea seems kind of out of place…

I could go on and on, but I have taken up about 4 times more space than should have been allowed, so… Welcome to my dreams.

Allison on April 22nd, 2008 at 12:59 pm

Oh, I love these dream posting.

Rob, how do you feel after you dream about your mom? It’s been such a long time since you’ve seen her that I’d imagine it would be really nice to have her appear in one of your dreams.

Smoking dreams, Chris??? That’s something I’ve never done in my dreams…. it is such a repulsive thing to me in waking life that it would be quite shocking to have an orgasmic smoking experience in a dream. Pretty funny your mom was smoking with you. Wonder what that means….. 🙂

Jean, I love your Pat dream too.

Kristin…. your post needs it’s own response (in a moment). Before that, I’ll share what I can remember of my moms conveyor belt to russia dream.

She and my dad were supposed to be taking a trip together to Russia…. by conveyor belt, which ran through a tunnel. They started loading the luggage on the belt, and my dad just got up there with it leaving my mom to manage herself. She got on, but my dad kept getting further and further ahead of her. She was very concerned about what would happen when she arrived in Russia, dad was no where to be found. But, fortunately, I was there to her rescue and helped her with the bags, etc. Russia turned out to be a bit more like Paris, and we came upon my dad just sitting and enjoying himself in a little outdoor cafe.

That’s all I remember of it. Mom, it sounds like many of your dreams involve being rescued 🙂

Mike on April 23rd, 2008 at 6:57 am

I wonder why I have dreams about cigars too. And rockets. And the Washington Monument. Oh, what could it all mean?!!

Kristin on April 23rd, 2008 at 11:37 am

Oh, Mike, you make me laugh! 🙂

Chris on April 23rd, 2008 at 1:36 pm

Mike, lol whoever you are….that is a very disturbing way to look at the dream of my mother and I smoking cigars together…ack.

Ashley Rae on April 24th, 2008 at 8:06 am

Wow, Kristin- you have very interesting dreams. I love reading about them.

Just last night it was summer and I was swimming around in a nice, large swimming pool, it was a gorgeous sunny day… and I was naked. I was floating on my back, soaking up the rays. I suddenly became very aware of my lack of clothing so I grabbed one of Kennedy’s bath toys, which was conveniently floating around, placed it on my nether regions for concealment, and proceeded to float on my back and get a really nice tan. A very relaxing dream.

It was SNOWING again this morning! Dumb Salt Lake.

Allison on April 30th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Nether regions. I love that phrase.

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