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While doing a little shopping in Ubud, Bali last week, Emily, Kennedy & Marie got a bit bored and restless. I made what turned out to be a brilliant suggestion: stand in the window and act like mannequins, being as still and quiet as possible.

They were delighted and took this charge very seriously – much to the curiosity and amusement (and sometimes amazement) of passersby… many of whom stopped to snap photos.

At the second shop, there was a small ledge outside where the girls could stand and pose above the sidewalk. Kennedy persuaded the shopkeeper to allow them to model some of her clutches.

What do you think – do they have a future in modeling or as mannequins? 🙂

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Posted on Jun 25th, 2011 by Allison (Costa Rica, Funny Stuff, Travel)

Since I arrived in Costa Rica two weeks ago, I have been delighted by the little frog who croaks outside my window at night. He makes me smile and laugh.

And I’ve commented on numerous occasions that I really want to see him! I want to see a frog – in the wild – while I’m here!

Well, tonight I got my wish. As we were leaving for dinner, I glanced out at the pool and noticed a dark green blob sitting on the floating lounger. Yes – a frog! It was dark, but I still managed to take a few photos of his royal sleekness.
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Posted on Sep 25th, 2010 by Allison (Family/Friends, Funny Stuff)

Last weekend was my cousin’s wedding open house out in Sequim (pronounced Squim, for you non-washingtonians).   I hitched a ride with Ben & Alex, who posed for my camera on the ferry.

Actually, Ben posed for the camera. Alex basically ignored the camera and went about his business, which made for some nice photos.

Once there, I discovered that my brother, Jeston, and his wife, Eve, were both wearing teal blue and black – same as me.  We chuckled about it and I said, “wouldn’t it be funny if Kristin showed up in the same color?”

Well guess what….   she did.  Apparently we all got the psychic “wear teal” memo.  It required a photo.

Which, of course, quickly turned into a silly session. Today’s was “Make A Fish Face.”

Eve makes an excellent fish face. Kristin tries to convinced me she “can’t” make one.

I don’t know if I believe her. I mean, who can’t make a fish face?? Though it is pretty hard when you’re laughing yourself silly.

We’re weird, I know. But we do have fun!

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Posted on Jul 12th, 2010 by Allison (Funny Stuff)

I love the internet.

June 2009, I posted a picture of a congratulations card I found at Hallmark that I found very, very funny. Several of you agreed that the “Paco” card was hysterical and we had a good laugh together.

And here is another Paco card for your viewing pleasure (click to view larger).

Well, last week, someone new discovered the post… and the new person just happens to know Paco (aka Richie Gaona) personally. I was delighted, and responded.

What followed was a very entertaining flow of comments, (read them here) from people who all know Paco/Richie… who happens to be a real life trapeze artist. Even Paco himself has left a comment! (Yes, I can hear your collective gasp)

Visit his site to learn about him – and see videos of him, Mercedes and others flying through the air.

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Posted on Mar 19th, 2010 by Allison (Funny Stuff, Politics / Social Issues)

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I love Jon Stewart.

Jon outdoes himself with a 15 minute parody of (idiot) Glenn Beck’s rantings.

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Posted on Nov 20th, 2009 by Allison (Funny Stuff)

God speaks through postcardsA few years back there was a man who caused my sister, Kristin, a great deal of grief and anxiety. Let’s call him Dave.

Long story short, Dave was inadvisably employed in a managerial role.  Those he managed thought he sucked in the job and complained regularly to her husband Craig (who couldn’t do anything about it – but would have done an excellent job in the position).  Kristin longed for the day that Dave would be fired or would quit, but it just wasn’t happening, much to her dismay.

One day when Kristin was lamenting the latest Dave saga, and knowing (from our previous conversations) that Dave considered himself a religious man, I jokingly suggested that perhaps he needed specific communication from God on the topic. A revelation, if you will. This idea amused Kristin greatly and she insisted I follow through.   So we cooked up a plan which kept us entertained for months.

god_returnaddOver the next several months, Dave began receiving personal postcards from God every 5 – 10 days. They were mailed to his office, and the return address was “God, Everywhere“. Each postcard was sent from a different location (God is omnipresent, you know) – and from as far away as Singapore, Australia and Europe. Thank you to those of you who helped out by mailing one of the postcards on God’s behalf 🙂

Here is the first postcard:

Postcard from God

And the next:

Postcard from God

A couple of weeks into it, Satan wanted in on the action and sent his first postcard to vie for Dave’s soul. They were all sent with a return address of: Phoenix, Gateway to Hell.

Postcard from God

We never learned if Dave read his postcards or what he thought about them, but Kristin and I laughed ourselves silly over the whole thing. I still laugh out loud every time I read some of these messages.

For the entire God vs. Satan Postcard dialogue, click here, then come back and share your thoughts.

Do you have a favorite message from either of these powerful beings?

BTW – it took quite awhile, but Dave DID eventually quit his managerial position. 🙂

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As only he can, Stephen Colbert gives the Report treatment to the detention by Mormon church security of a gay couple after they shared a kiss on the cheek while walking through the plaza.

Enjoy.  Unless you’re LDS and homophobic… then I advise you to NOT watch 🙂


The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Nailed ‘Em – Mormon Church Trespassing
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor U.S. Speedskating

Write up in the SL Tribune indicates the show got permission from the church to film on the property…. but they didn’t specify they’d be shooting a parody of the “kiss incident”…

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Posted on Aug 18th, 2009 by Allison (Funny Stuff, Photography)

I’ve been extremely neglectful of my blog. I’m sorry. I actually have several titillating articles started, but haven’t had the time or energy to complete them yet.

Just returned today from a trip to Utah where I visited with family and took photos of a wedding and a bridal shoot…. once I recover I promise to regale you with fascinating tales of intrigue, valor and humor. Maybe not. How about I just promise to write something soon.

Flower GirlIn the meantime, I will leave you with a Kennedyism that had me in tears, along with a picture of the bride.

Ashley, Kennedy and I were in the car, Ashley and I chatting away. Kennedy interrupts with:

K: “Mom…. Mom?…. ”
A: “Yes, Kennedy?”
K: “Mom, do you know how hot you are?”
A: (Ashley and I exchange amused glances)… “Um, no – how hot am I?”
K: You’re as hot as a CORNDOG! You’re SO HOT!

She provides constant entertainment…..

And here’s the lovely bride – Ashley Creger Roberts:
Ashley Creger Roberts

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Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 by Allison (Funny Stuff)

While at the Hallmark store the other day, I came across a card that made me burst out laughing.

Even though I have no one to send it to, I just had to buy it – and I share it with you now.   I hope at least some of you find it amusing.

Your engagement


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Posted on Apr 4th, 2009 by Allison (Funny Stuff, Reviews/Recommendations)

I heard an interview with the fabulous Isabella Rossellini on NPR today – and learned of this insightful yet hysterical educational project she’s doing for the Sundance Channel.  

Each of these videos is only about 2 minutes long, and explores the sex life of a bug or sea creature.   I learned a lot. I had a hard time deciding which to post as your introduction…   several of them made me burst out laughing. 

I give you snail porno.  I warn you… snails are pretty kinky

You really need to go to The Sundance Channel website and watch all of these. Season one was about bugs – spiders, worms, praying mantis, etc. Season two has sea creatures – limpets, whales, starfish, etc.

Please go watch them and tell me which are your favorites.

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