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As suggested by friend Chris Spiro on her blog, I’m playing the Memory Tag game. 

Here’s how you play:

1. As a comment on this blog post, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn’t matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember.

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory of you.

It’s actually pretty funny to read the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I’ll assume you’re playing the game and I’ll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don’t want to play on your blog, or if you don’t have a blog, I’ll leave my memory of you in my comments.

And if you know Chris, be sure to post a memory on her blog!

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I have fond memories of summer kiddie matinees in the late 60s, at the old Villa Theatre in Salt Lake (now Adibs Rug Gallery).

Just a theatre full of kids and popcorn and movies.  I don’t recall my parents ever being there – could you even imagine that these days? Did you do this as a kid?

I can’t remember most of the movies we saw, but there was one that has always stood out in my mind.   Although I knew it had something to do with Captain Nemo, I couldn’t recall it’s name.  It never showed up as a late night tv movie, and if ever I described the movie and asked anyone if they’d seen it, I’d get blank stares.

Why was it so memorable?  It was an undersea adventure.  I remember vivid scenes of fish and coral – and people wearing beautiful blues and purples in an underwater city of gold.  And a sea monster and submarines. Something about it captivated my imagination as a youth and so over the years I’ve searched google using all sorts of name/word combinations trying to figure out what it was, to no avail.

Well, last night I happened to do a search again – and I FOUND IT! And, would you believe that it was also YESTERDAY that someone posted the entire movie on YouTube???   I couldn’t believe it….   and yes, I actually watched the whole thing – and it made me smile  (though I was not thrilled when Captain Nemo broke off a piece of coral, explaining how they used it for building/decorating the city…. Kristin will understand.) What a trip down memory lane.  I love YouTube.

I give to you, Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969 trailer)

When I first posted this, the entire movie was available to view (in segments) on YouTube. It has since been removed, so if you want to see it you’re going to have to buy it online at Amazon.

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Kristin - around age 4Today, my little sister turns….  well, let’s just call it another year older.

She always has to share her birthday with that of our nation, but this year, I’m not celebrating Independence Day at all – today, it’s just

Kristin’s birthday! 

Isn’t she cute as a 3 1/2 year old?
(or was it 4 1/2)     

Here are a few things you may or may not know about Kristin….

Kristin - 6th gradeFirst, you’ll never find a more loyal friend.  She’ll defend you to the end – but will also be your conscience, because she is, after all, the fairness police :)  It’s been a difficult struggle for her to recognize and accept that life just isn’t fair – because she wants it to be for EVERYONE!

She used to be the responsibility police as well.   But over time, I think she’s discovered life can be more enjoyable if we don’t take responsibility for others responsibility or lack thereof.  With age comes wisdom.   

On my (first) wedding day….Kristin is generous to a fault – as exhibited by her innumerable acts of thoughtfulness.   A card with a little cash hidden in the back, just because she knows you’ve hit a rough spot financially (never mind she might be too)….   cards and gifts sent off in time for every birthday or holiday, hours upon hours spent editing photos or videos to make a special surprise, finding ways to help pay for my trip to Hawaii with her when I couldn’t really afford it.   

As a teenager, I’d find sweet notes from her hidden in my room, or flown at me in the form of a paper airplane. goldmmbag.jpgI’d come home to discover a gold lame’ bag, filled with M&Ms on my pillow…. Kristin spent her allowance money to do that – even though I teased her horribly, pretending I was going to drop her off the balcony (I suspect she actually enjoyed that game, knowing I wouldn’t REALLY drop her) and making her sell popcicles with Chris for a measley reward. But this post is about Kristin, not me…

Kris 1982She has always been a good sport too.  Especially with her hair.  Whenever I’d get the itch to cut my long hair, she let me satisfy it by cutting hers instead.   She’s had a lot of hairstyles over the years.

And she’s been willing to indulge my silliness and cosmic musings in a way that only a sister can.   She can be pretty silly herself, though.    We have an ongoing habit that if we ever go to a restaurant or store that takes your order/reservation, and then says “could I get a name?” – the name they get is Guenivier, which always draws strange looks.  I love seeing how they try to spell it.   Mind you they never ask, “could I get your name” – it’s always just a name… so we feel no obligation to give them ours.

Sexy chickShe has always been there to help with the really hard stuff, whenever I’ve needed her and when no one else showed up (or even if they did).  

Stuff like apartment hunting, packing/ hauling/ unpacking for multiples moves, painting houses, cleaning out houses, drafting divorce and child support agreements, working til 2am (hours after everyone else had left) to help me hang a hundred butterflies from the church ceiling/arrange huge trees to create the perfect “enchanted forest” for Ashley’s wedding, working her butt off in the kitchen during the reception (along with mom, bart and grandma) because the stupid R.S. ladies who committed to be there didn’t show up.  I could NOT have pulled off Ashley’s wedding without her.

Kristin is smart as a whip - though she didn’t realize it til far too late in her life.  She is a talented writer, a whiz with numbers, and can turn ANYTHING into a chart or graph that will blow your socks off.    She’s really quite brilliant.  And, I’m so happy that she shares my disdain for “tacky forms” – and recognizes the importance of a well laid out newsletter or webpage.   

AND – even better, she’s a total wordnerd!

Kristin got all the organizational talent in the familyOh, and along with this smart thing – she’s ORGANIZED. I have made a pie chart graphic in her honor. As she has said many times: A man without a plan is not a man…. (I, apparently, am not a man).

She thinks ahead, when we travel she provides these incredible checklists to make sure we don’t forget anything. When we traveled to Hawaii together for the first time, over a period of a couple months she emailed a history of the islands, information about the culture, just stuff to make sure the trip was all it could possibly be.  She’s just very considerate, including sharing the benefits of her organizational skills with all – and I really appreciate it.

Kristin  - Summer SolsticeShe’s also got a great sense of humor and we do our fair share of laughing when we’re together.  And we seem to keep her kids amused.

Speaking of which, she’s also a great mom, and has raised (is raising) two incredible smart, gifted, thoughtful, respectful, fun kids. She’s instilled in them the understanding that they can trust their own feelings and judgement – that they are capable of making wise decisions – and they do. A devoted companion to Craig, I think he’d tell you she’s the perfect wife for him.  She starts planning months in advance for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift for him – to make sure it is something thoughtful, unique and meaningful.
   The cottle family

Kristin the MarineShe can be tough and strong and put you in your place if you’re out of line… it’s the Marine in her. Yes, a Marine. (“I can make you handicapped if you want to park there legally….”)  She’s also sensitive, compassionate and tenderhearted. I’m grateful she was able to attend to our mom/grandma during the last couple of weeks of my grandmother’s life. I know it was really hard for her – both physically and emotionally – but she never complained and turned it into a beautiful experience.

Sisters in HawaiiWe share more private jokes than one could possible count. She’s been my travel companion, commiserator, emotional counselor, technical support, fellow photo fanatic, partner in crime, conscience, cheerleader, moral support and best friend for longer than I can remember. And, honestly, I don’t know how I would have survived many of my life experiences without her. I’m so glad I didn’t have to find out….

Love you – happy birthday!

P.S. Let’s plan another trip!

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Michelle - 10th grade 

Happy Birthday to my best friend, Michelle….   

aka Honey, Goob, Shell, Shelly and Buns (nickname given to her by the neighborhood buys who appreciated her cute derriere)

We’ve been best friends since 9th grade (which is a lot longer ago that it feels) and some of my best memories, most embarrassing moments, and my greatest laughter, have been shared with her.  

Happy Birthday MichelleShe’s smart, wickedly funny, talented, compassionate, a loyal friend, and looks as great today as she did 20 years ago.  Maybe even better.   Including her “buns.”  I’m jealous.   

I don’t know why, but when we are together we are very different than when we are apart.   Something synergistic happens and creates a force to be reckoned with.  Together, we were (and are) nuts. Immune to peer pressure… or family pressure…. fashion sense or any other boundary.  We were good kids – but we truly didn’t care what anyone else thought of us when we were together.  We did the silliest, dumbest things – and kept ourselves laughing constantly.

Things I’d never do on my own.  I could write volumes about the pranks we pulled and things we did together….  Umbrella tree fiasco, belly button filters, pantomiming food while walking down the street, tea parties, prank phone calls to our classmates that led to their embarrassment in the classroom (that is my favorite)….

Some people were really annoyed with us, some jealous (we got away with a lot)… and there were a good many who just loved to be around us to see what would happen next.   I’m sure my siblings will concur…. 

I love that when we’re together EVERYTHING is funny.  We could look at a piece of toast and burst out laughing.   And Michelle is full of the best one liners… really very witty.   She kept me in stitches on our trip to Butchart Gardens last year.  And she’s good sport, not afraid of looking foolish or laugh at herself, and she’s willing to be poked fun of and accept teasing as good natured fun.   Thank you for letting me draw hats and faces on your toes.  Have I mentioned she is really funny?

A true friend – knows me well, all my faults, my embarrassing secrets, and more – and loves and accepts me as I am.  Doesn’t matter how much time has passed, when we connect it’s like we were together yesterday.  I hope we’ll be making a lot more memories together in the next phase of our lives…. 

Love you!   Hope your day is great!

All decked out for Easter Vine ladies

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Would you be caught dead in this?I just experienced an amazing flashback to the late 70s, thanks to blogger Johnny Virgil

Actually, this was sent to me in an email with no credits, but after a little googling I was able to track down the original source – and he deserves some credit for this LOL masterpiece.

Join me on a magic carpet ride as we take a walk down memory lane or, if you’re too young to remember, take a peek into my high school years as told through a 1977 JC Penneys Catalog, with color commentary.   

Click here and then tell me if this isn’t the funniest thing you’ve read in a year.

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As a teeneager, I dedicated whole pages of my diary to my favorite songs at the time (when I wasn’t writing about my favorite boys at the time ).   Here’s my list (in no particular order) from September 26th, 1975 when I was in 9th grade. 

Do you remember any of these?  Were they your favorites too?   You can click on the song title to listen.

By the way, I love YouTube.

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In honor of Michelle , who recently paid tribute to me on her blog, and who became my bff exactly 32 years ago this coming weekend…   I share with you the Umbrella Tree Incidentcomplete with illustration for your viewing pleasure.

It happened September 9th, 1976.  Michelle’s home had several umbrella trees in front.  With Halloween approaching, we got the bright idea that it would be fun to hide ourselves in the trees and scare trick-or-treaters as they passed by.   Being practical (though silly) girls, we decided to try it out beforehand to work out any kinks.  Michelle climbed into the tree, we laughed, and I helped her down.

Then it was my turn.  All went well until I tried to climb down.

It wasn’t until I was part way out that I realized my waist-long hair had gotten tangled in the branches!  I needed both hands to support myself and was completely stuck, legs dangling helplessly from the tree.

The Umbrella Tree IncidentThis is how I imagine that it looked….. I actually drew a picture like this in my journal at the time. 

I needed Michelle to support my legs so I could free my arms to untangle my hair.  She is quite short, and as she held my legs my butt was right in her face, which we both found extremely funny.  She was laughing so hard she wet her pants. 

That made me laugh even harder, and I proceeded to fart right in her face.   Of course, she burst into bigger laughter  – and dropped my legs, sending me into pain and panic – but both of us laughing hysterically at the same time.  

Gaining her composure, and urged by my pleading, she came back and held my legs again, my butt resting on her chest now…. both of us still laughing….  so much so that that I wet MY pants all over her shirt.    Laughing and crying I finally got out of that damn tree with only a few scrapes.

Michelle went in and changed her clothes – and we then walked to my house so I could.  And as we approached my lawn, Brad Tomsic was in the driveway wanting to ask me to a dance (my parents said “no” – because I wasn’t 16.  I hated that rule.)  I’m sure he was befuddled as I hurriedly backed away and into the house to change clothes.

Needless to say, the trick-or-treaters were spared that year.

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