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My favorite bra - ipex racerback full coverageWhy is it that just when you find the perfect bra…. the one that fits comfortably, provides good support, doesn’t slip off the shoulders, offers a nice shape (rather than rocket boobs), in a wide range of colors…

…why is it that just when you need to order a new one you find out that Victoria’s Secret has stopped making them! And without warning!

I hate you, Victoria.

And yes, I looked just like this in my bra.

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Posted on Nov 5th, 2009 by Allison (Style & Fashion)

I’m finally back from my 20 day stay at a hotel, followed by 7 days in Salt Lake (pics from Halloween party to follow soon).

I returned home to newly installed tile and this lovely vanity (travertine top/bowl) in my bathroom:

The new vanity!

It feels good to be home.

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I was born a platinum blond with annoyingly stubborn waves (which my mom loved, but I have fought with my whole life). I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair for over 40 years, and have prepared this retrospective for your viewing pleasure.

The ringlet years.
Platinum Blonde

The awkward years.

Cat eye glasses hair-me-butterball hair-6thgrade

The (in)famous “waterfall

The waterfall … which my mother insisted was really beautiful, but for which I was mercilessly teased (particularly by Michelle).  You can see how happy I am about the response I got. Needless to say, I only wore it once

The rain gutter (and Gunne Sax) years.

The raingutter (and Gunne Sax) years

The henna years.

The my-hair-is-long-and-I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-it years.

Long hair

Quite abruptly my hair decided to be dark brown (all on its own).  And very 8o’s.

80s hair

The short years.
Short hair

The perm years (scary).

The back to blonde years.

The purple month (Paul, what were we thinking???!!!).


The auburn years

Auburn Years My hair - red and short

The “I-forgot-how-much-work-short-hair-is-so-I’m-growing-it-out” transition

Growing my hair out

The bob years (with the use of giant velcro rollers and roller brush).


The embracing my inner wave (with the help of smoothing and scrunching products) years.
Big hair Natural curls

The wonderful FLAT IRON years.  
I’ve finally tamed those waves with the help of Sedu and Chi!

I love my Sedu and chi hair straighteners

Now don’t you wish some of these styles would come back into fashion? LOL…..

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While in Hawaii, Ashley informed me that she and Brandon were going in together on a birthday gift for me, and we proceeded to look through various shops and fairs for local artisans to locate the perfect item.  I found a couple of things that I quite liked, but they weren’t perfect…  or were way out of budget 🙂  

So I asked if it would be ok if I waited til I got home to find a gift from my favorite local artists store – Musings Artist Inspired.   Local artist Celeste Stuhring has created dichroic glass watches that catch my eye every time I visit.   Here is what I selected: 

 My new watchBeautiful new watch

Isn’t it beautiful!? I haven’t worn a watch for years – not since I started carrying a cell phone – but I’m very excited about wearing this piece of art every day.

Thanks Brandon, Ashley and families!!

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Entry wayInspired by Chris and Michelle, I decided to add a few Halloween decorations to my few autumn decorations this year….   my place is small, so I’m limited in what I can do.   And I take a bit of a minimalist approach…

Here is my entry table. The picture is one I took along Wasatch Boulevard in Salt Lake a few years ago.

My mantle is adorned with a cool leaf garland I picked up at Molbak’s end of season sale last year…. at 80% off.  I love finding cool stuff on sale.   

And aren’t my new frames over on the left (Pier 1) a perfect compliment to my yoga frog?   I know he isn’t very halloween like, but I love him. Halloween mantle

And I really love that little carved wooden owl – my parents gave that to me years ago, a gift brought home from travel abroad – I forget where. But all the markings are actually rings in the tree’s wood.   

New additions are my glittery “Boo” and the funky tree, which I picked up at Pier 1 Imports.   Michelle, I liked the mummy cat so much I went back and bought one for myself too : ) And there is room on my tree to add a couple of new things next year.


I also have some cool, tiny orange twinkle lights on a shelf on my media armoir.  Now if I could just get the energy to hang up my orange twinkle lights on my patio, I’d be set….

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Last night I was out doing a little shopping and stopped by Macy’s at Alderwood Mall.  Knowing my daughter, Ashley, is still trying to find something to wear to her American Idol audition on Tuesday, decided to check out the sale racks.   

I found a couple of dresses that I thought might fit and that Ashley might like and pulled out the phone camera and sent her a pic of one of them.  She called right back with a “That is SO CUTE!”  So I knew I was on the right track.

Calvin Klein optionI have to just publicly thank the darling sales associate, Ayse, who actually agreed to TRY THE DRESSES ON so I could get an idea of how they looked and if they might fit.   She is a little shorter/smaller than Ashley – but it was so helpful!

Cute Nine West numberI took pics and sent them to Ashley – and with Ayse’s help we determined that the black/pink/white Nine West dress would probably fit (and looked much better on).   And at 75% off, I couldn’t pass it up.

So I popped it in the mail late last night – keep your fingers crossed it arrives on Monday… and that it fits!

Have you ever had a sales associate that really went out of their way to be helpful?

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condo_living2a.jpgI live in a small, 1 bedroom condo – less than 800 square feet.  But after living in apartments for several years I was so sick of white walls that I went color-happy.   

Living RoomWith the help of Benjamin Moore (and my sister), I painted the living/dining/kitchen/hall (all connected in some way) a combination of Henderson Buff (a pale yellowish green), Monroe Bisque (beige), and Plum Raisin. It sounds like a lot of color, but it looks really cool with the asian feel of my furnishings.  

KitchenMy bathroom is a lovely taupe/stone color, and my bedroom is Dijon (mustard yellow).  There is nary a white wall in the place, other than inside closets.   It took me several months to complete and my right shoulder has never been the same.

While at the Benjamin Moore paint store, I noticed some really cool shimmering metallic glazes.    Mind you, I have a love of all things sparkly, opalescent, irridescent and metallic and my mind started racing with possibilities….  unchecked, I could turn my place into a tacky, gawdy nightmare    But I restrained myself and recently came up with an elegant plan.

Wall GridI don’t have a headboard, and so decided to make an entire wall a lovely focal point for the room using metallic glazes.

I started by designing the general layout for the wall.   Then I started taping off the squares.  I could only do one layer at a time, because the glaze has to dry before taping/painting over the corners with another color.   I used a combination of a small roller brush, a dry sponge and a rag.  I’m still not sure which method I like best.

My Bohemian BedroomIt took me about 2 weeks, painting a portion nearly every evening, to get this far.  I still have a few of the most sheer/pale squares to go – but this gives a good idea of how it looks.  (Click the photo to enlarge).   It’s a sublte effect, and doesn’t really show in the photos, but some of these squares really shimmer – especially when the light hits them just right.   Once all the squares are done, I’m will probably sponge over the whole thing with a sheer, shimmery gold glaze so that it catches the light even more.   

My beaded curtainI love it.  It looks great with the beaded curtain (real, hand strung amber and gold glass beads – and shimmery gold ribbon)  that leads to my closet. 

Did I mention I like sparkly, shiny stuff?

 So what do you think?   Are you inspired to create your own shimmering (or other) wall?

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