Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011 by Allison (Technology)

I love my new iPad 2.

Maybe more than any other gadget I’ve ever owned…

Although I’ve really liked (and still do) my iPhone, I have a hard time reading on the small screen, and can’t stand typing on it. I wanted something that was more portable than my laptop, bigger than my iphone, easy to read on – and fun. And the iPad is it!

I made it through all levels on the free Angry Birds game (a bit addictive).

I created the colorful blue abstract background with the ArtRage App. That program is even more addictive than Angry Birds – plus it’s a great creative outlet.

I’ve discovered Toodeldo for list keeping (which is a pleasure on the large, yet portable, iPad screen). I’ve downloaded Kindle, Pandora, Netflix, NPR, Huff Post, NASA, StarWalk, GoSkyWatch, Xfinity Apps. I’ve discovered Hangman HD (which combines the fun of Hangman with current events).

So… any other “must have” apps you can recommend?

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