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I am generally pretty averse to taking drugs – prescription or over the counter. I know there are those who have conditions requiring drugs for health, mental stability or quality of life, but I’m not one of them.

And I’m known to suffer (though not necessarily in silence) through headaches, backaches, toothaches, sinus congestion, etc. until they are completely unbearable before taking anything, other than essential oils/teas/herbal remedies.

But I have to say I have a testimony of Mucinex. I am so grateful that it is now an over the counter medication, not requiring a prescription. And Sudafed.

Every time I go to Salt Lake I get a sinus thing. This trip it headed straight to my chest (I don’t think I fully ever recovered from my December thing). I spent the entire time there coughing up phlegm (yuck) and sounding like a frog when I talked.

Now that I’m back in the northwest, my head is starting to clear up. Actually got a full night’s sleep last night. Maybe one more day of Mucinex and I’ll be good.

Do you have any drugs you’re partial to…. over the counter or otherwise? Any you avoid like the plague?

Sorry for that unpleasantness. I promise my next post will contain Kauai pictures.

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Posted on Feb 19th, 2010 by Allison (Whatever)

First, big congratulations to American Evan Lysacek for winning the Olympic Gold Medal in mens figure skating. His skating was beautiful and the medal was well deserved.

jw1However, Johnny Weir was robbed.

Although not as technically advanced as Evan or Plushenko, Johnny’s performance was by far my favorite of the evening.

It was nearly flawless – and was the most artistic and moving of any of the skaters. His music choice was perfect. His costume was beautiful.

His program was personal – titled “Fallen Angel” to represent his personal journey through skating.

I was simply appalled at the low marks he received both for his short program (watch here) and for his even more amazing free skate tonight (hopefully video will be posted soon). I think he deserved the bronze medal.

I have to wonder how much the judges let his his outrageous personality (I love that he is always ‘himself’ – including wearing a hat of red roses while awaiting his marks) factored into their scoring.

Did you watch men’s figure skating? What were your favorite performances?  And what did you think of the results?

While you’re considering your answer, here are a few fun Johnny Weir facts:

  • He’s kind of a big fan of Russia. And “kind of” is a colossal understatement.
  • Watching Oksana Baiul in the 1994 Olympics inspired him to try figure skating. (He found Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan “terribly boring.”)
  • He started skating on a cornfield.
  • He landed an axel in his first skating lesson (a jump that typically takes skaters a few years to master).
  • He designs many of his own costumes – and wants to launch a career in fashion.
  • He’d also like to try his hand at politics as an ambassador to South Korea or Russia.
  • He brought a poster of Lady Gaga with him to the Olympic Village so that she “could watch over us”. LOL.
  • He also brought along pink bathmats.
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Posted on Jan 28th, 2010 by Allison (In the Garden, Politics / Social Issues, Whatever)

January CalendarWell, January is nearing an end. It’s been an eventful month filled with dozens of things to blog about, and yet… no blogging has occurred.

So here is a summary of all the things I considered blogging about but didn’t.

1. My son, Brandon, and his family became “location independent” and moved to Costa Rica this month. It’s been fun reading about their adventures on Brandon’s blog. And my 6 1/2 year old granddaughter just started her own blog this week –

2. Crazy Sarah Palin’s *shocking* (sarcasm) announcement that she’ll be a political commentator on Fox News. I burst out laughing when I heard her say how proud she is to be with the network that is ‘fair and balanced.’ Actually, hearing anyone refer to Fox that way makes me laugh. The not funny thing about this is how many Americans will actually tune in an listen to this idiot. WHY????

3. The earthquake in Haiti. Make a donation to the humanitarian organization of your choice.

I gave to Save The Children.

4. Pat Roberston’s idiotic comments about Haiti – Kristin handled this one quite nicely.

Purple primrose5. I still love living in the northwest.

In the middle of January I was outside doing gardening. Primrose in bloom, daffodils and tulips several inches tall, and buds forming on many of my spring and summer plants.

6. Both Project Runway and Psych are back!

7. The Supreme Court’s radical decision to throw out 100 years of precedent and allow corporations to spend as much as they want on political ads really made me mad. Go ahead, hand America’s elections over to the drug companies, insurance companies, big banks and other wealthy corporations. Certainly they’ll have the public’s best interests at heart. Morons. Something else to thank GWBush for.

Words With Friends8. Ashley introduced me to my latest addiction – iPhone app Words With Friends. If you have an iPhone and like to play scrabble, look me up and let’s play. My game name is allihays.

9. My trusty old 1996 Camry had a melt down. Heater broke, then engine light came on… running very hot. Thought I’d have to replace her. But happily found a good mechanic who replaced her broken radiator and thermostat without trying to sell me on a single unneeded repair.

10. Obama’s State of the Union address. He inspired me again. You can watch it here.

So, how has your January been?

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Posted on Dec 21st, 2009 by Allison (Whatever)

Happy Winter Solstice

Today the sun is at it’s lowest pint on the horizon, giving us the shortest day of the year. The word “Solstice” is derived from the Latin phrase for “sun stands still.”
Tomorrow the days will begin getting longer… Are you settling in to enjoy winter? It does have it’s own, special beauty.

Are you doing anything to celebrate or mark the arrival and passing of the solstice? Perhaps you can celebrate by enjoying this video – a Winter Solstice Meditation.

I love the stillness of winter. It doesn’t last long – and it is often colder than I’d like, but there is something quite remarkable and centering about a quiet, still winter night – especially with snowfall. I’m especially enjoying the twinkling lights on my tree and the glow of candles each night.


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Yes, CBS really is advertising the suggestion that men should get their women PAP SMEARS for Christmas.

Wow. Nothing says “I love you” like an uncomfortable cervix scrape.

If your woman needs a pap smear then buy her one, for heavens sake – but NOT FOR CHRISTMAS! This has to be the most unromantic gift idea ever.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Happy holidays!

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Posted on Nov 15th, 2009 by Allison (Whatever)

I know you were expecting Halloween pics – and they are coming. But today is Clean Out Your Fridge Day (really!) and I just couldn’t pass up posting about it.

According to the folks at Practically Edible, this weird idea for a holiday was started in 1995 by the Whirlpool company.

Here is the evidence of my participation.

National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Although I have only been home about 1 week during the past month, and my fridge has not been fully stocked since I returned, I was still able to find and clear out some icky stuff.

  • A lone egg in a carton with an expiration date in August
  • A tub of grated Parmesan cheese that expired in 2008 (hidden behind the one that is still considered fresh).
  • A moldy lemon in a baggie.
  • A pint of LONG overdue buttermilk, which I had intended to use for moss cultivation and never got around to it.
  • A nearly empty container of poppy seed dressing I had made a couple of months ago which was showing signs of life.

So a bit of nastiness, but all in all not too bad. I’ve seen (and had) worse.  At least all my veggies were still fresh.

So go clean out your fridge – or at least open the door and inspect it.  Then come tell us about the most disgusting thing you find.

We’re waiting!

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Posted on Oct 15th, 2009 by Allison (Whatever)

This is the view outside my current home – a hotel room at Extended Stay Deluxe.

View from my hotel room

The reason I’m living in a hotel room is because my bathroom looks like this:

My sad, torn up bathroom.Since it’s my only bathroom, and both the toilet and sink are torn out, my insurance company has put me up in a hotel room since Sunday night. I’m not loving it.

Learned today they’ve located one leak, but have one more condo (top floor) to check and make sure there are no other sources. I’ll be here another week at least….

On the bright side, it will be great to have a mold and moisture free bathroom that smells fresh instead of mildewy. And I’m taking this opportunity to have tile and a new vanity installed when they put it all back together.

All I can say is thank heaven for home owners insurance! Have you ever had to use your HO insurance?

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Posted on Sep 16th, 2009 by Allison (Whatever)

Today I made a most unpleasant discovery. When I opened my cupboard to select my morning tea, I was greeting by about 50 tiny fruit flies. This is a total shock, as I don’t keep any fresh fruit or veggies in the cupboard.

I hate fruit flies.

After a little detective work, I discovered that a little plastic single serve bowl of Dole sliced pineapple had torn open and the flies had made a lovely home. They must have just started hatching last night while I slept. Evil, bad fruit flies.

I’ve been chasing them around the house, sucking them up into my vacuum all day!

Of course this isn’t nearly as bad as the infestation in my home many years ago when a forgotten bag of potatoes had rotted in the basement………… yuck!

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Bad, evil lightEvery night I take a little stroll through my little garden, listening to the crickets, frogs and bubbling fountain. Keeping an eye out for slime trails so I can dispose of the giant slugs that invade my plants, and curse the obnoxiously bright “safety light” on the back of the building that illuminates the rock wall and my garden with an unnatural peach colored glow. Safety, schmafety. It’s nearly as bright as day in the areas where it shines. I hate light pollution – and it seems to follow me wherever I go. I like night to feel like night!

“Darkness is as essential to our biological welfare, to our internal clockwork, as light itself.” -Verlyn Klinkenborg, “Our Vanishing Night,” National Geographic magazine, November 2008

The horrible light was off for the first year and a half I lived here – and then, all of a sudden there it was. No amount of objecting or begging moved the property manager to turn it off.. Since then I’ve been plotting ways I could destroy it, but it’s simply been out of my reach. if I had access to a 15 foot ladder I’d have climbed up and pulled out the bulb long ago. I’ve also been petitioning the condo manager to turn it off…. going so far as to get signatures from other residents in my building that they wouldn’t object to it being dark out there.

I love a dark night!Well. as I opened the door to take my nightly stroll this evening I was greeting by the most wonderful sight. DARKNESS. It’s so dark that I can barely see anything but the stars! I’m so happy I could cry.

Next week I’m going to hang up my orange twinkle lights on my patio – which I haven’t used for almost two years (useless with that bright light shining). So drop by and sit out on my patio with me at night… it’s going to be great!

And keep your fingers crossed that the darkness is permanent!

How do you feel about the lighting in your area?

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Posted on Jun 28th, 2009 by Allison (Whatever)

antsI’ve been wondering what amusement, what mischief, what possible thrilling prize awaits the little black ants who wander aimlessly around my bathroom floor?   

Yes, they’ve even ventured into the mysterious folds of my pants, lying in a crumpled pile on the floor as I shower.

Where do they come from?  Why are they here?  What do they want??????

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